There seems to be no law against local authorites, town and parish councils deleting ancient village names and renaming them with the name of the parish.  All this without any notification to the residents of the said village who can wake up to find they are not living where they thought they were!

For example: a village or small town is split into two parishes by a natural boundary of a river or a creek.  The main part of the village/town one one side of the natural boundary and part of the village/town on the other side.  When the area is formed into parishes, the off shoot part of the village/town is still under the name of the main village/town.  The post Office still addresses the off shoot in the name of the village/town. But the off shoot is in a different parish.

The newly formed parish then renames the off shoot of the village/town in the name of the parish and has village name signs constructed and erected to show that the off shoot now has another name.

Why is this idea important?

So far this has happened three times on the Isle of Wight, despite many objections of the residents of the off shoots of villages/towns.  The renaming was carried out without any notification to the residents of said village/town.  Residents do not have rights as to having their village/town name removed and renamed, neither the local authority, town or parish councils listened to the residents objections.  There is a difference between a village/town boundary and a parish boundary which the local authorities, town and parish councils do not recognise and so are able land grab when and where they please.

Parish and town councils seem to be able to do what they want without any recourse to the residents therein.  Perhaps they should be abolished and then I can have my village name back.

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