I represent a small national youth charity which organises events, and locally much smaller organisations affiliated to our national charity organise events, which probably have no more than 1,500 people attending.

In recent years, the bureaucracy and costs have spiraled. So, charities who run events for public good, for their members and the public without planning to make a profit, risk running events at a loss by have to pay £300+ to the local authority for a full Ent Lic – WHY? When a T.E.N., would do.

The events I speak of aren't rock concerts with tens of thousands of spectators and very loud amplified music, neither do they have the crowds known to be at hundreds of football matches every week, and do the latter require a license? No.

Make the process simpler. Make it consistently applied across all local authorities. Reduce the costs to something like £50 per day, and make those costs consistent across all local authorities.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is not in important in the scale of issues the coalition faces, though it does demonstrate that local organisations and charities are suffering due to processes and costs. Big Society is already happening, and what exists already needs support to continue to thrive.

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