I have taken this opportunity to put forward several ideas for saving money and improving LOCAL government.  



I would like to see a reduction in the number of Councillors.

At present my authority Sefton has three per ward this should be changed to two per ward thereby saving £ 300,000 per year in allowances’

Changing to an alternate year voting would also save vast amounts of cash.


Cancel the creation and ongoing work of the so called City Regions (especially Liverpool)


Cancel the North West Regional Development Agency


Put the local NHS authority into a merger with the Council


Make English Nature (or whatever new name it is given) more responsive to local peoples needs and wants (Here we want a proper golden beach of sand they want grass to be grown for the wildlife)

Why is this idea important?

 Local Authorities are not working as required by local people.


To often the local Councillors are more interested in following the dictate of the national party and not allowing local changes to following the local needs of the local people

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