May I suggest that you take a look at local authority planning consents most urgently.

It has come to my notice that in Rochdale, Lancashire, there are more than 6,000 registered Mosques with the local authority.

Apparently this is due to the misuse of a planning law stating that a room which can hold more than 6 people can be declared as a place of worship or a place of learning thus avoiding the payment of Council Tax.

To confirm my research I rang the planning office to verify if this was true as I had heard it from a council employee.  The person who answered the phone could not be specific but thought it could be considerably more than 6000.  Therefore it implies that unscrupulous individuals are declaring their homes as Mosques.

If this abuse of local planning is repeated across the country then local authorities are losing tens of millions of pounds in revenue.

I urge you to look into this matter as soon as possible.

Why is this idea important?

Because if the loophole is plugged, it will save tens of millions of pounds.

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