We are a Country that pay people (Via the many benefits claimed) to lie in bed most of the day, except on the days they sign on or make their fortnightly trip to the post office to collect their benefits.

As those people are "employees" of the Benefit system, I believe The Public Services in Every Town in our Country would benefit from the extra help from these people. Litter collecting in public spaces, cleaning graffiti from walls, assiting in schools and hospitals.

For Four days a week these people can be made good use of, the Fifth day they sit and apply for alternative work. Failure to attend these days means loss of benefits.

It may sound harsh, but way should those employed pay for others, when those who are working would benefit from those that are not.

Why is this idea important?

It would give the person a sense of worth, encourage them into what working is really like, reduce the "cash in hand" society, reduce theft and petty crime, improve their awareness of the enviroment they live in. It would help people re-educate themselves in differnent skills "On the Job Training".

And above all cut un-employment in this Country.

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