The Hc makes mention when you can overtake and pass over the solid white lines such as a horse or a cyclist or a road maintenance vehicle. and that’s all. what happened to cattle sheep, cows, pedestrians. Also apparently you can overtake a horse or horses if ridden or walked but if its part of a cart or carriage then you CANT OVERTAKE if its a gypsy caravan say or a rig. now that seems silly. Also all things that can be overtaken must be doing less than 10 mph. so if its say a tractor fully loaded going uphill AT 20 mph then more fool you if you attempt an overtake.

I do feel that there are to many limitations and the regulations and/or advise should be looked at.

Why is this idea important?

The advice is incomplete and out of date with current trends.  It needs to be looked at and better examples made and be more specific so that drivers know what they can and what they cant overtake.

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  1. You have a very valid point, what about overtaking people on disability scooters? There are a growing number of users riding these machines on the highway instead of paths.

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