The Government should stop funding criminals who abuse the legal aid system. Any person who has to apply for free legal aid should, lose the right after their third criminal offence. Tax payers pay for this but are often not entitled to use it because  they " earn too much". Why should they then keep paying for habitual criminals who keep using it  time after time or in some cases day after day. By allowing criminals to keep abusing the system with no worries about having to pay for their legal cover, we are in effect encouraging them to continue their life of crime. If the legal aid system was denied to them after their third offence, they may well think twice before committing further oiffences. the money saved could then be used to help honest tax payers with their legal problems, ie divorces, legal disputes etc.

Why is this idea important?

By removing the right to free legal aid after the commision of a "3rd" offence, habitual criminals would need to think twice before continuing on their criminal path. As they will have to meet their own legal costs. And therefore not be able to go out day after day committing more offences, getting a free solicitor to get them out of jail.

This would stop these repeat offenders who abuse the legal aid system time after time, freeing up funds for the taxpayer who actually pays for the system, hopefully allowing honest folks the chance to use it should they need to.

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