Women should not be allowed to use children as a source of income, when they apply for child support they must prove that they were having a relationship with the father.

Women must not be allowed to manipulate the system to their own ends ,by producing children as a result of a one night-stand, after telling the man she was using contraception.

Then once the child is born the women then must not be allowed to use the C.S.A to exstract money from an unsuspecting male , who was unaware he had produced a child.

Before MEN are criminalised WOMEN must prove they have had a relationship with the childs father, most Dads are happy to pay a fair amount for a child that was wanted!

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because MEN deserve some kind of protection from WOMEN who manipulate the system.

I myself unwittingly produced a child by a women who claimed she was using the PILL.

When the child was born he was given another mans name, i did not know of his existance untill he was two years old.

The women went to the C.S.A after the relationship she was in ended, and i was forced to have a D.N.A test. The result was positive and the C.S.A stopped about 40% of my wages, for a child i did not know i had.  The out come of this was i lost my home and became ill,im now wondering if its worth returning to work if i am to be persecuted for another persons dishonesty.

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