Lower the fees people have to pay to become a British Citizen if they are born in the UK and have lived there for most of there lives. At the moment, those who are born in the UK and live there for the first 10 years of their lives have to pay £550, which is extortionate and unfair as the only difference between them and the person next door is the nationality of their parents. People who are born in the UK should not be counted as immigrants as they did not immigrate to the UK and therefore it should be a lot easier and a lot cheaper for them to apply for british citizenship.

Why is this idea important?

Most people who are born to foreign parents in the UK go on to live and work in the UK for the rest of their lives. They pay UK taxes just like everyone else and are in every way british except for their parents. It is completly unfair of the government to take advantage of this small fact and make them pay such a high fee. Understandably there need to be fees but in cases of the people who are born in the UK, that did not come here by choice, but have foreign parents should not be made to pay such a high price. I'm sure if you ask anyone in this situation that they would be proud to become a British citizen were it not for the fee.

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