Some women are serial rape accuser.

The men who falsely accused of rape are named in media, their career destroyed, personal life is shattered, their life is never the same.

However, the women, who through around false accusation enjoy anonymity and have no responsibility for destroying those poor men’s life. This doesn't make any sense.

My idea is to make the false accusation of rape a punishable offence and/or make those women to pay financial compensation to male victims, and/or name them in public and/or make it a crime and put them in jail – and/or all these together or in any combination. The details need to look at by pros, but something must be done.

Why is this idea important?

Currently, absence of any punishment encourages woman to make false rape accusation.
A woman can destroy your life, yet, there is no consequences for her false accusations. It doesn't make any sense.

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