Anyone taking a person through the courts for a consumer related case should be compelled to present proof of liability and ownership prior to being allowed to bring any case. – By way of the original signed agreement, any default which gave cause to claim and any assignment documents as produced by the assignor as laid out in the Law of Property 1925

Why is this idea important?

At present there are cases of Banks, Credit Card companies and other financial institutions selling on bad debts for less than 10% of their value because they don't have the correct paperwork. These debts are then picked up by Debt Collectors and Debt buyers, this is often done without the knowledge of the debtor

There are numerous cases where Debt collection agencies are abusing the bulk collection system by forcing throughDefault County Court judgements onto consumers without ever having to demonstrate any liability, or even that they have ownership of the debt, or have any right of enforcement. once the CCJ is in place, they can cause untold problems and have to be taken back through the courts to have them set aside at cost the consumerork. such as agreements, assignment documents, defalt notices etc.

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