How on earth are banks allowed to charge so many fees.

Why do we get charged a yearly fee for a business account purely for the priviledge of them allowing us to put our business through them?

How can they be allowed to set up banks accounts for us, giving us an overdraft facility that we do not want, but if we accidentally use it, they charge us for it? My bank will NOT remove my unauthorised overdraft facility even though I don't want it – and they charge me if I use it.

How can they be allowed to set the amount of their fees? It can be anything they want.

The only thing they should be allowed to do is to get our cards declined if there is no money in the account.

When people have no money, the last thing they need to to be charged MORE money for going overdrawn or over their overdraft limit, or worse like Lloyds TSB do, charging someone every day for being overdrawn.

This practise should be illegal and banks should be FINED for doing so.

Why is this idea important?

Preying on the poor should not be allowed. Banks have free reign to do as they please and this must be stopped. It is violating our civil liberties and must be stopped immediately.

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