Religious organisations should no longer be able to avoid taxes.

Many have much political representation, and aggressively involve themselves in political campaigning, while clearly neglecting a main aim of what the religious claim they are all about – To help the needy and less fortunate.

So, being as how religious organisations have representation and involve themselves in political campaigning, society should ensure that a portion of their money at least goes to what the religious constantly claim they are all about – Helping those less fortunate.

Introduce taxation for all religious organisations, who have had many years being able to avoid taxes, yet claim to be charities, and put the money collected from those organisations to good use, in unemployment and other benefits and tax credits.

Why is this idea important?

Religious organisations have had many many years of being able to avoid taxation, even though they certainly have received very good representation.

It is time for those religious organisations to give something back to society as a whole.

Religion has had its own wicked way in our country for far too long, with special priveleges, and all sorts of opt outs from laws, including tax exemptions.

The saying goes "no taxation without representation".  Well, let us turn that saying around, if you are going to demand representation constantly and neglect a core of what you claim to be about whilst demanding to be listenined to on your pet hates, then pay taxes.

This is an idea whose time has come, it is about time the religious in this country contributed financially to society for all the demands they make.  They could foot a large portion of the bill for welfare. 

In these economically difficult times, when others are suffering where have the "pious" religious organisations been?  Have they offered such a thing themselves?  No, because they are parasites who have taken from society for centuries.  There is a culture of entitlement with these sorts of organisations, because something has been the case for so long they believe it should continue to be the case.

It shouldn't.  It's time for religious organisations to get out of politics, or pay their fair share of taxes for all of the representation they are getting.

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