Community service should be something that really servs the community.  One of the things the new Government wants to prote is cycling.  Saving petrol is in everyone's interest.  But try cycling on a British road or street.


Why not use the manual labour available through community service to remover every darin cover on the edge of the roadway and relocate it into the curb stone so it becomes an integral part of the curb, not the roadway.

Add to that the creation of a cycle lane whever verges in country lanes can be used as well as any area of land that is presently hedge.  The hedge is not destroyed, it is cut back.

Why is this idea important?

It is vital to take this in hand.  We have no money says bumptious Mr Byrn so let's do it by manual labour, the material costs are the only ones needed, shovels,etc., minimal.

Community service people actually pay the community back by doing something necessary. It will demonstrate to the rest of us that community service does achieve something as well as offender rehabilitation, especially good for young people.

We all get more places to ride we can use instead of rough, bumpy and almost uncyclable roads

We save money on petrol & get greener

Willing unemployed people could help with this nationwide project in return for dole money.

We encourage people to ride by providing a better riding envirenment.

We don't take jobs from people, no one is doing this at the moment

We save Highways budget.

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