Currently local councils seem to have different regulations concerning their recycling schemes and some do not make reasonable allowance in their systms for missorted items. Mine (rochford) seems to prefer  writing slightly different guidance notes, and sending letters to the small percentage of people who have missorted an item.

People coming to stay, holidaymakers from different boroughs and children mean that sorting will never  be 100%.

One set of recyciling regulations across the UK rather than one for each borough.

Why is this idea important?

People and costs involved in sending letters to minor transgressors of the rubbish sorting rule are  better spent in ensuring the recycling depot can handle the occasional missort as this is inevitable – holidaymakers, old people, and people from other boroughs with other recycling rules will all cause this, and letters to housholders for minor transcxressions are a wate of money.

Sending paper lists of the recycling rules ie what can go in each bin evry 6 months (changing over time) should be banned,  and replaced by the need for a simple label on each  bin listing what can be put in, as these paper lists are easily lost.

 Our Council provided bin lables 2 yrs ago but say they only ordered enough labels for the launch and couldn't replace em ie with the latest recycling rules.  However they  affortd to employ ineffectual rubbish police, send burocratic letters and paper recycling rules that are soon mislaid ands never handy when you are taking the rubbish out. Tsk tsk.

 Why is there no joined up policy and simple country wide guide/system for recycling? This would give real economies of scale and allow recyciling plants to handle input from different areas more easily. And make consistent recycling rules too!

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