I only have to walk a few yards before I find cans and cartons in the road and on the pavement. It is impossible to enforce litter laws when object are thrown from cars etc. My suggestion would be to charge a fee for any items found directly by council workers back to the manufacturer/originator. If the manufaturer is being hit for the actionsof their customers, then they will pass on the cost by increasing the price of the item.Hopefully, they would also spend a bit more time encouraging their customers to dispose of the rubbish in a responsible manner.

Why is this idea important?

The packaging industry needs to clean up its act – literally. There is no incentive for biodegradeable tins/boxes and they really don’t care how many of their products are strewn all over our countryside, some of which are ingested by wildlife.  Hitting them in the pocket will benefit cash strapped councils and make our country a better place to inhabit.

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