There are many ideas on here relating to drug prohibition, what im suggested may be looked at by many as simply a repeat but I feel it is something new.


I do not believe drugs are the problem in society, its the trade itself and the crime it funds.

My proposal is to make personal consumption of drugs legal but the trade illegal, maybe with even more severe punishments than currently exist. For example, if a guy is caught on the street corner with a variety of drugs in large quantities (clearly a dealer) then he gets put inside for a long time. On the other hand if John Smith is found to have four cannabis plants in his garden and caught having a smoke, he is well within his rights. I feel the same should apply to all drugs in this sense, people can grow their own mushrooms, if they want opium let them grow their own poppies and do so.

It may be a harder system to put in place, which is why i feel more severe punishments should be used for dealers, importers, and people who profit form the drug trade. Police drug crime units would still exist and get the satisfaction of busting Cocaine wharehouses, drug cartels wouldnt be getting their money, but the citizens of Britain who wish to have the freedom they deserve can do what they please as an individual

Why is this idea important?

Because we are supposed to live in a free country, where we can make decisions for ourselves, so long as they dont effect others. This system would do exactly that, letting people provide for themselves if they wish to do so, with noone else involved at all.

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