Change the syllabus in our schools so that more time is given to teaching young people things that are useful in their working lives. Structure Maths so that it covers all aspects of personal finance and basic business finance. Concentrate more effort on relevant topics e.g. comparisons of interest rates, how to buy stocks and shares, simple accounting (profit and loss account, trial balance, etc.), understanding PAYE, basic economic principles. Extend the syllabus to include Know Your Rights, How to Complain, how to compose succinct effective letters (or other communications). Teach everyone basic speed-writing (there is a method called Teeline that is quick to learn and saves a lot of time when taking notes during a phone call or a meeting). Put more effort into teaching people to use good grammar and correct spellings. GOOD COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO GOOD BUSINESS. Put more emphasis on learning other languages. Teach young people how to present their ideas, how to debate and the basic rules of effective negotiation. This will help build confidence.

I could go on all day…

Why is this idea important?

Better quality recruits for businesses leading to greater efficiency

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