It is time that the 'Equality' Laws were adjusted to include the Male of the species to a greater extent – rather than making it's Legislation almost completely FEMALE-centric. Perhaps the 'Equality' Dept.should be run by both Male AND Female MP's.

In any case, it certainly does need a re-think if this Government wants its citizens to be FAIRLY treated. At the moment they are not.


The same goes for the 'Human-Rights' Legislation:

It's also time that this Government  – as promised – re-negotiated our HR Laws with the EU so that Criminals and undesirables are not 'defended' to such a ridiculous degree, whereby the citizens of the UK are actually put at risk.

We are sick of hearing that offenders and potentially dangerous people must be 'protected' rather more than the citizens of this Country.

Why is this idea important?

These ideas are important because – thanks to Labour:

Most Males in this Country are allowed very little say or even consideration when it comes to PC or Equality legislation. They see this as a constant tirade against Males simply to gain the Female votes. It's time that common-sense & responsibility replaced many of these fascile, biassed 'Laws'. Perhaps then, Males will treat Females with proper respect – as they once did – rather than being too afraid of even 'upsetting' them and incurring the wrath of 'Equality' & Co.


The same for HR because:

Otherwise law-abiding citzens will continue to see themselves as unimportant to our Government and Legislature – in comparison to criminals. This can never be decently acceptable.

So many citizens voted for this Government expecting a far more common-sense and responsible approach to these matters – as we also do for the 'watering-down' of the unctuous PC nonsense…

Remember – 'Responsibility' and 'common-sense' ?

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