The law so far is that even if your loved one is severly mentally and physically disabled which  will prevent them from being independent or doing anything in their llife, it is illegal if they decide or the carer/ family relative decides it would be easier to end their lives. People travel to clinics in Switzerland to do so but they know when they return they will be prosecuted for helping their loved oe with their wish, to stop the pain and suffering of the patient and on their family.

The law needs to change to make this legal, however under certain circumtances as im aware this could led to people forcing people to sign documents saying they wish to die. Therefore their should be strict rules in place to make sure every euthansia related death has been approved by government and their has been several witnesses that say its the patients wish to commit an act of euthanasia.

I am no expert of this subject, im just a 16year old student, but i feel very strongly about it and feel that something has to be done.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because innocent people are been put through imprisonment or terrible , lengthy legal cases just to prove they were helping their loved one with their last wish. This is a very important topic and very sensitive for the families involved. I magine how they feel after losing thgeir loved one and then returning to their some and being prosecuted with murder? This is not justice and so it needs to be changed.

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