Make Exams Timetabled…

I must admit, this subject makes me a little bit touchy, which may sound stupid but hear me out.

Yesterday, my friend was forced to take a GSCE Mock ICT exam in the morning for 2 hours, which we'd been told about the week before and not prepared for in anyway, next she had to take a REAL GSCE Geography exam, 2 hours, followed up by a GSCE French exam.

Is it just me that thinks having an ENTIRE day of seperate exams? One of which was completely unneccisary, and that I should add, most finished within the first hour (The ICT Mock).

Also, I'll use science as an example. We spent an entire year in three seperate sciences preparing for 3 seperate exams. After 3/4 of the school year preparing, we took the GSCE exams. Simple. What was our releife for a year of work and 3 hard exams? Nothing. The day after the exam, "Ok Class, time for coursework", So now we spend all 3 Science lessons doing the same coursework, we woefully finish it, but to our suprise..dun dun dunnn, another coursework. So again with anger in our hearts, we finish.

Ok 3 weeks until the end of the school year, all coursework finished, all exams finished. "We're going to be starting the next modules"…REALLY? why?…We have it all schedualed out for next year before our second set of GSCE science exams, and we're starting the new modual weeks before a SEVEN WEEK break?

I believe Schools should be more liberal.

Why does this idea matter?

Us kids are having WAY too much pressure and work forced on us, which yes, work and exams are necissary, but not in excess like this…

Our school doesn't care for the students at all as far as I can see, and constantly boasts about it's high targets and meaningless achievements.


Keep checking back on my profile as I will be posting more about my opinion on Schools and Education if you care. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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