If a fine is issued by a court or similar public authority to any person, for commiting any offence the fine should be calculated as a percentage of  the persons earnings.

Why is this idea important?

To promote fairness, it should not be acceptable for a wealthy person to pay a fine and accept it as a slap on the wrist when another person receiving the same fine for the same offence will be forced to struggle financially.

If it is considered appropriate to issue a fine to a person it should be imposed to imact their life in a fair manner.

The current system allows the wealthy to simply buy their way out of trouble, creating a two tier justice system.

There are obvious problems with the extra administration required but surley it is worth it if it promotes fairness for all. Also it could be difficult to truly calculate the wealth of the richest who are not paying tax on PAYE, so if you agree then do you have any suggestions on how this could be done in a fair way?

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