Stop allowing big companies like tescos building supermakrets then filling them with staff who can only get jobs at 16 hours a week! this is obviously some con the government has with these companys to get people off their dole figures. 16 hours a week is  maximum hours you can work on jsa before it is stopped. its clear that they are doing this as a way of getting people off dole, but its an underhand way of keeping people stuck in poverty! how r people suposed to be independent from benefits when they cant get full time work? make full time jobs and give people proper jobs where they can get a proper wage!

Why is this idea important?

because its a con, cos people need full time jobs to be come self dependent and not be on benefits. because rich people will benefit from poor people in shi**y jobs! cos people in 16 hour jobs arnt going to benefit from working for a living, cos they cant earn enough to call it a living!

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