What a small business wants to do is comply as quickly and as easily as possible with H&S so we can get on with building a business and earning a living. 

It will probably take years to actually remove H&S laws, many of which are well meaning and individually a reasonable person would not object to (although some must go!). What is needed is a fast solution that removes all the duplicate effort in H&S and risk assessment etc. often by people with no formal training and ensures you have done everything that you are required to do by law.

The Solution

  • Categorise businesses into groups that have similar H&S needs i.e. hairdressing salons, dentists, offices etc.
  • Provide best practice risk assessments for each type of business designed by experts (I know each location is different but you can have a section for everything that is non standard)
  • Standard posters and leaflets for each business group detailing best practice so that staff do not have to relearn when changing jobs in the same industry. They are also more likely to comply with official, high quality information.
  • H&S Compliance Check List for each business group with legal protection for the business if this has been actioned. 
  • If there were residual issues with liability from a Compliance Check List then have an insurance fund that covered anyone that had complied
  • Businesses in each group can then receive all relevant updates for their industry immediately (ideally by email)

So many small businesses have really simple requirements but spend a disproportional part of their time on H&S compared to larger businesses. If the system can be improved, even if it is only for some of the low risk businesses, it would be a massive help.

Why is this idea important?

  • Removes duplicated effort, saving business time and costs
  • Better risk assessments done by experts
  • Better compliance by staff with less time spent on new ways of doing things every time you change job
  • Fewer accidents due to poor risk assessments or lack of compliance
  • Easier to check business compliance for Inspectors, more time to concentrate on high risk businesses
  • A Compliance Checklist would show just how much you need to deal with and speed urgent reforms. (Please do this part so a proper assessment can be made)
  • A check list would give certainty for business that they have done what is needed (even after 20 years in a high risk, safety focused business I still have 'I had no idea we were meant to do that that?' moments!). Definitely remove a main cause of stress in a small business
  • Updates for each business sector would promote the latest best practice
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  1. Thats a great idea, that way every one is on a level platform, and will also remove unnecessary controls that have been put in place because of a one size fits all solution has been applied to a different industry/education sector.

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