There has been a general outcry on the behaviour of certain countries on the censorship of the internet.  Notably with Googles exploits in China.

Now Turkey is doing the same.  Technology does exist as proved with Googles relationship with China that stops Web pages from being viewed which is deemed to be unacceptable.

Aside from the political reasons, you can understand why this occurs.  Recently Google mapped all the streets in the country (and it intends to cover the world.), in doing so they also mapped poorly or unprotected wi-fi networks and in the process accessed data.from some of those sites.

Google says it was an accident, For the life of me I cannot see how software can be accidently written.  No programmer worth his salt would use a function within his program without knowledge of what that function does.

War driving is a term that describes people who drive around with laptops mapping poorly or unprotected sites so that others can use them. (Sounds familiar)

While I can hear the howls of protest I do think that sometimes society does need protecting from itself.

In my opinion the Hosting of pornographic sites can and should be stopped at source.  Google cureently has filters that can check for unacceptable images and or text. But it is left to the user to implement it.

If you use safe browseing you more often than not negate that filter.

There are numerous incidents which can be searched for which encourage the breaking of the law.  Either the search engine provider blocks the search or the Web Page is closed down.

If you doubt what I say Google "WEP Crack"  where you will encounter numerous web sites showing you how to "HacK" into a network,

ISP's Browser s and Search engines must be more responsible for there actions.




Why is this idea important?

The only safe way to use the internet is not to use it. As that is not going to happen then the providers must be held responsible for what they provide and give access to.

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