All local councils should be required to set out their items for expenditure in advance of being able legally to raise charges, council tax or any other revenues or borrowing. It seems local authorities assume they can simply raise any money they can screw out of captive ratepayers and then decide what to do with it, e.g., pay themselves and their staff vast salaries, expenses and pensions that they can access quickly through allowing themselves to retire early.

All propsoed charges to be collected from homeowners and businesses to be set out in advance of any charges becoming legal and collectable.

This requirement is found to be neccessary with reference to recent developments where those elected and entrusted with local government use the system without due regard and concern for those who must pay for local governnment. They can't be trusted and we must be able to stop the extravagance and waste at source.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important in the interests of established democratic notions that we cite as lying at the base of our system of public governance. Those who pay must have more direct control and the ability to excercise that control over civil servants and elected members who act on their behalf and in their name. Scrutiny of expendidture required for specific purposes must, whatever the inconvenience, be vested in those who vote and must pay.

It must be assumed at all times that if we are able to vote we are also able to judge our own affairs and those who discharge responsibilities in our collective name: the people!

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