Cyclists who do not have lights on their bikes at nigth or twilight are so very hard to see by motorists.  Yellow clothing makes a big difference too.

Why is this idea important?

The roads are very congested and cyclists can be hard to see.  Any accident that happens as a result of a motorist not seeing a cyclist who is not wearing clothes that are easily seen and not having lights on their bicycle, will make the motorist feel hugely remorseful.  But when a cyclist has no lights on their bike at night and they are not wearing clothes that ensure that they are easily visible, I think they are putting themselves at risk and the motorist, despite driving carefully, will land up by taking full blame for any accident arising from the cyclist not taking responsibility for making sure they are easily seen. And this is not fair on the motorist who shares the roads.

A car driver need to have lights on at night and when visiblity is poor. Why is this not enforced for cyclists?

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