Introduce more proportionate rules for validating personal identities when buying premium bonds.

In particular scrap the requirement to have copies of passports "certified".

As a mimimum, extend the range of people who can do the certification so that it is consistent with the passport office's list.

Why is this idea important?

My step-father recently tried to buy £500 of premium bonds. His application was returned because he was not on the electoral register (he has just moved house).

National Savings asked him to provide various documents to prove his identity, including a photocopy of his passport. This had to be "certified" by one of a limited group of people: " a professional person such as a banker, authorised financial intermediary, mortgage broker regulated by the FSA, teacher, doctor, minister of religion or civil servant."

This seems disproportionate in order to buy a few premium bonds. Moreover, the range of people who can "certify" the copy of his passport is much narrower than the range of people who can validate a passport application (

Any crook could easily forge the "certification". All the requirement does is to cause hassle for law-abiding people.

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  1. Quite agree. This requirement is ridiculous and archaic. My son who is 18 recently got a gift of £300 for passing is A levels and is nw working (no “teacher”). He decided to buy premium bonds. His bank would not certify docs (“we dont do this for non bank products”), our Doctors surgery also declined (“we dont do this any more”) and the solicitor firm I have used on very odd occasions over 20 years say they will only do for a an established client which my so is not. I am going round in circles and driven mad by it. I have no doubt that NSI through their Government involvement are perfectly able to access driving license, passport, voters roll and probably other records so why on earth do we have to go through this aggro in this day and age. If they are after money launderers then anyone serious will get around it. I very much doubt that the “certifiers” are themselves checked out

  2. Quite agree. And what about people (like my partner) who has neither driving licence nor passport nor any of the other means of identity.
    Surely if the money for the bonds is coming from a long standing bank account that should be good enough.

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