It appears, at present, that there is no law against police attackign people. Certainly, to the best of my knowledge, and all my searching through you tube, NO police officer has EVER been succesfully prosecuted to for harming  acivilian.

The public are aware of the Freemasonic saying "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil", which means that no judge will ever be able to understand or comprehend any evidence given against a police officer – even if he's filmed killing someone.

We are aware, that no lawyer will be able to see anything wrong in any policeman's actions (not to the extent where he would do anything about it). We are aware that news programmes have never got time to mention things about bad police behaviour, because it all goes "fuzzy", and you may as well be speaking Greek, as criticise a mason or police officer (the same thing).

And so there is a feeling of depression, amongst what us not hundreds of thousands of peopel (maybe millions), who KNOW they are ALWAYS going to be attacked by the police, and treated as victims. There comes a point where it feels "vampirical", as the realisation settles in, that the local copper has bad mouthed you to all your neighbours, by rumour mongering, and will speak to you however he likes, whenever he likes.

The choice, at some point, for many people becomes "Do I tollerate this, like a dog, or fight, liek a man" ?

It has been on the news recently (and will increase), that many peopel are choosing to die fighting the police, rather than submitting. Its the same either way – you are their victim, constantly, whether alive or dead.

Now, you middle classes, who cant understand what ive said, or dont agree – stop reading the guardian, or financial times, and put your self through soem "victimisation" training. Watch Spartacus – ANYTHING to make you realise, that the man of this country will nto constantly submit to lies form police.

Why is this idea important?

The ONLY solution is to SACK any police officer found lying in court (I had one once, where i PROVED beyond doubt, that i was somewhwhere else – NOTHING was said to him – not one word – he's CID now).

Sack the bad scum who saturate the police, and the good ones will be supported by everyone.

Turn a blind eye, or take the "3 wise monkeys" approach, and you will see this country sink into civil war.

This is my personal prediction, not a threat. But I have found my predictions to be pretty accurate, so far.

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