Small UK companies are being strangled to death in the UK by the large companies holding back on payments.  All large companies, in the UK with turnover over 5 Million and including the public sector should  by law pay their bills on time, i.e. This should be 30 days from month end.   It is the large companies that are killing the cash flow of small business here in the UK.  Many Small businesses carry out good work, have to pay their suppliers, so they can continue to carry out good work and the big boys hold all the money.  It is killing UK Small  Businesses.  Small businesses are doing the turnover but just haven't got the ability to get the money in from the "Big Boys".  Running a small business in this country is like running a Loan company with no Interest!!

Why is this idea important?

If all Large companies paid on time it would help the whole of the UK.  Money would filter down the system and all Cogs would start to really turn.  It would enable smaller businesses to grow and expand and create more work which would create more jobs and in turn boost the whole economy across the board.   It is a win win situation.

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