All NHS Trusts have to train all staff in core statuatory  or mandatory H&S and other skills, this takes up to a week at induction. And then staff have to wait for other courses…

Agree a standard for all skills accross the NHS and then implement it so that the member of staff can just proceed to update rather than repeat costly and time consuming induction each time. NHS staff move around frequently in their early career. This will provide a good evidence based platform for care of our patients and free up tstaff time to do what they do best – hands on work.

Why is this idea important?

For example manual handling training could have a passport scheme (as Wales do) – staff can then move easily across the NHS rather than repeat induction. Gaining up to a week of work and reducing costs.

OR IV certificates, a colleague of mine despite having a competent certificate from her last area of work has to repeat the whole course in sa new hospital before she can give IV’s to a patient (she has been trained 20 years) the waiting list for the course is 6 months.. so she cannot give IV’s and patients have to wait.

As long as it is robust evidence based standardised practice these core skills are transferable and should be so.

We have 600 PLUS new starters per year…. multipy that across the NHS

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