I've been adviseed the PIN I must enter to watch movies at certain times on my Pay TV is foreced on Sky and Virgin by Ofcom

This should be optional for those that want it (and have kids).

Apparently it is to protect the children (oh the chirldren).  Well I dont have any so why is the government prying into my home to tell me I must use a PIN to protect non-existent children.

If I buy a beer to put in my fridge should I now also have a PIN on the fridge to protect the non-existnet children in my house from getter to the beer?

Agree there are those that may want this for their family, and the regulation should thus allow an Opt-In ability so those that want it can have it.

But what of those children who will find a way to opt-out thier dads Pay TV?  Well if they work that out then they surely already know the PIN anyway and would already be watching all those bad movies  but with the parents thinking they are safe as the PIN protects everyone.

Why is this idea important?

I would hazard a guess that any child that has a mobile phone is already switched on enough to have worked out their parents pin anyway.  So the current system is a false sense of security for most and an annoyance for those that have no children.

This is the exact type of petty little privavy invasion the government I hop does away with, espeically becasue it would not even be protecting those that it thinks it is as they are too smart anyway.
I remember when I had my first computer and skipepd scholl for days at a time to play it.  Once mum found out she used to take the computer power cord to work with her each day.  It took me 5 mins to work out the kettle cord was same as power cord, so each day I wanted to stay at home I just used that and returned it to the kettle by time she came home.  She THOUGHT what she had in place stopped me, it did not but it did give her false sense of security and left me to do what ever I wanted!

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