Party whips should be made constitutionally illegal. Any activity performed by any MP that could be described as 'whipping' should be seen as a treasonable offence and punished to the maximum that the law allows.

Why is this idea important?

MPs need to be allowed to make informed moral decisions, as that is there job; whips negate this process. Parliament should be a place where presentations are made, MPs educated and intelligent discussion had until reasoned answers can be made.

Hopefully MPs will be able to make decisions based on fact and reasoning, and our country will be better for it – and may even resemble a democracy.

One Reply to “Make party whips illeagal”

  1. Great Idea. Whips force politicians to follow party interests over what they think the national interest is. Voting should be anonymous as well to ensure people cannot be bullied. It may make introducing policy more time consuming but, those that are introduced should be better.

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