The benefits system is quite frankly, flawed.

Tell me how it is fair that I as a young single working mother who works on a full time basis, pays rent (because I can't get on the property ladder), council tax and all other utility bills – come out with less money than that of an aquantance who, gets her rent and council tax paid for BEFORE receiving £100 less than my total income a month?! I have to pay for everything out of my income – including childcare, whilst she gets to decorate her house and buy the latest gadgets for her house and spend quality time with her children.

There is no icenative for people who can work, to work (of course, I am not discounting the thousands of genuine people that are out there at the moment, but I am pretty convinced that the they are a minority in the benefits system). The government needs to change the way this system operates. There are many ways to gain the skill required for work – volunteering for one!

It seems ludicrus to me, that the new government can cut working tax credits to the people who struggle to keep a roof over their heads month in, month out – but give handouts to people who are just simply not willing to work for a living. If the governement were to introduce a scheme where benefits recipients had to work for their benefit, they will increase the much lost work ethic that is missing from this country.

Why is this idea important?

This is an important issue, because I am not alone in my situation. I know the the working public's perception of the benefits system is as above (through numerous conversations with friend's and colleague) because the government continue to penalise the honest working people by freezing pay, lowering tax credits and raising taxes.

Why would you work, when the government pays you not to?!

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