the protection of police against punishment, for any of their actions has led to them committing assaults, gassing people, MULTI tazering people hwo are on the ground, submitting, and even killing people by punching them IN THE BACK (Ian Tomlinson), with NO chance of ever getting punished.

If a police officer commits any crime, he shuold instantly lose all of his rights, as do the rest of us.

The police has become THE best job, for anyone who wants to become a succesful criminal, because its the ONLY place where criminals can perform hideous crimes, and NEVEr be punished.

Things have improved a lot since the advent of you tube, and you can physically see the change (and improvement) in any officers attitude and behaviour, as soon as you mention the magic words "you tube2 to them. They are STUNNED for a second, and then start behaving more profesionally, instantly.

Therefore, take it one step further, and you will have the public rooting out the bad cops (since the police wont do it), and cleaning up our own police forces.

There are many wonderful officers, but imagine how they feel when their good behaviour is tarred by the scum, who joined the force, to abuse it, and milk it, and get rich through crime. Its NO different to the politicians who robed expenses, so lets get it under way, and FORCE THE FORCE, to be the best police force int he worl (as it once was), rather than just "claiming" that they are, all the time.

The second you announced this as law, you would see the panic, in the faces of thousands of cops – and the relief in thuosands more !!

Come on cleggy, time to clean out their closets !!

Why is this idea important?

Video evidence against the police, gathered by the public, should be EQUAL to what the police use agaisnt us.

If we're gonna clean the place up, and reach long lasting agreements, then the police are a MAJOR part of this – so far, they are no better than the criminals, and in fact, often run the criminal gangs, from behind the scenes, for huge proift.

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