When a person is found guilty of a crime there should automatically always be a fine levied against the criminal that covers the cost of the courts, police, probation service, any insurance losses and all other costs that make up the process of investigating the crime, sentencing and rehabilitation.

This fine should be enforced along similar rules to student loans, so that it payable when the person has an income of £16K or above, but the fine should also be paid if the criminal has property, belongings or bank accounts amounting to over £16K .

If a custodial sentence is served then the criminals property should be seized by the state to repay the fine othwerwise the property should be claimed by bailiffs to repay the fine if it is not paid within 28 days of sentencing. No exceptions.

Why is this idea important?

This would make crime not pay. it costs more to keep a person in jail for a year than it does to put a child through Eton. The current system is ridiculous where the majority of non criminals should pay for this. Make criminals pay the full costs of their crime and of their own sentence.

This would help the government balance it's books and repay government debt without the need to cut policing or the courts.

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