As per the tittle.

It's about time protistution was legalised regulated and taxed. better for the boys and girls involved and better for the punters.

Legalise drugs because making them illegal does not stop people from using them.

If drugs were legal, you could sell "clean" drugs from the local chemist, tax it and bring a whole section of the global comunity into a legitimate regulated industry, this would save billions every year as the money currently spent on detection, enforcement and overseas crop destruction could be better spent else where.

Yes the daily mail and anyone over 65 would think this was a bad idea but making something illegal does not make it go away., bring it on board, regulate and tax, everyones a winner.

Why is this idea important?

safer working conditions for prostitutes

safer conditions for punters

reduction in the human slave trade

tax revenue for hmg


clean drugs kill less users

police freed from a war they can never win

makes organisations that are currently criminal, legal (did it with the IRA, so no excuess not to do it here)

tax revenue for hmg

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