How many more times are we going to read the papers to read another story of child abuse? It seems that every week there is another story, another abuser taken to so-called justice. But is it justice or is it a parody? While their rights are observed and have to be seen to be observed, what of the victims, family and friends who no longer have any rights? Their rights have been taken away – gone. Taken away by someone who has little regards for rights. Surely in this day and age – in a day when we are supposed to be Enlightened. It is every child's right to be able to grow up? Not so it seems. They have less rights than we would like to believe, and in many cases their Life has little value.
Every 10 seconds, an innocent child is abused, molested or even killed. TODAY, 5 OF THOSE CHILDREN WILL DIE….3 million cases of abuse reports are made each year. Sadly, only 28% are actually investigated. The mental, physical and sexual torture that abusers are putting our children through, is beyond all comprehension. Child abuse is preventable not inevitable. 80% killed by abuse are under the age of 4. Child abuse is everyone's business. A damning report by Ofsted recently revealed that up to 4 children die every week in England from abuse or neglect. Two thirds of the victims were less than a year old. The current judicial system does not adequately reflect the serious nature of these crimes. The death of a child through abuse or neglect is often punished with a prison sentence ranging from only 1-14 years, most of which are automatically halved with parole. This needs to change now. The N.S.P.C.C say that babies & toddlers are particularly vulnerable to physical abuse. If regular compulsory health checks were introduced, at least 4 times a year for ages 0-2 and three times a year for ages 2-5, they would help to reveal any signs of abuse or neglect. Social Services should be alerted if appointments become overdue.

Why is this idea important?

Parents are becoming more outraged, due to the lack of support they are offered. It seems that more of the Tax-Payers money is being allocated to fund the perpetrators appeals and new identities. What sort of message does this send out? What price the life of a child? I saw the picture of a child abuser in the papers the other day. He had destroyed the life of a child and the people who loved that child, yet there he was with a smile on his face, he had used thousands of tax-payers money to lodge an appeal about the length of his sentence. Justice says he is allowed to get that money for his appeal, his lawyers have the right to charge for their time. How much tax-payers money was given to the victims of that crime, to help them put their lives back together again? They don't get a reduction in their sentence, they have to Live with the cost for the rest of their Lives. Please join us in making the sentences longer for all child abusers. Visit our website and sign the petition: or you can email us your views at: 

This is important to all the parents. Child Abuse is Preventable, Not Inevitable!!!

It's time for change and, it needs to start now.

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