It's not so long since a car was assumed to be off the road if the road tax was not renewed, & enforement against violators was based on police seeing cars with no road tax disc.Now you have to make a SORN declaration and renew it every year. This means you have to register a privately owned, unused vehicle every year, albeit free of charge. If you forget, you are classed alongside road tax evaders. Why not go back to assuming a car is off the road if road tax is not renewed, and only taking enforcement action if evidence is obtained that the car is used on public roads, OR, as a compromise, make the SORN permanent until the car is retaxed.

Why is this idea important?

The yearly SORN is one more instance of intrusive, irksome bureaucy. You have a car on your own property and don't use it on the road – what does that have to do with the government ? It is putting administrative convenience ahead of personal liberty, and in this sense is similar to compulsory identity cards. Basically, make the enforcement authorities responsible for proving a car is being used.

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  1. You have the wrong idea.
    The purpose is to make people liable to the authority of the state at every level, and to give the state the greatest chance of harvesting wealth and destroying vehicles that are not generating revenue for the state, which also makes way for the sale of new vehicles, bringing the associated revenues for the state.
    Did you think that the state was supposed to work for our benefit?
    We actually have a slave system here, it is disguised as democracy.
    We do not actually have the freedom you are looking for.

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