The BBC licence fee should be optional.  So each year you get a polite request through the post with a suggested fee, but you pay as much or as little as you feel the service is worth to you.   



Why is this idea important?

It would ensure the BBC had to please its customers and people could vote with their chequebooks against waste and tastelessness.

Moreover it would help to stamp out the persistent abuse of the BBC by governments who use it as a porpaganda and social manipulation tool – something the Beeb has been happy to oblige with in return for an extortionate fee and massive pensions.

The Gestapo-like collection of the licence fee is vicious and targets the poor, who generally do not watch much BBC programming anyway. 15% of court cases involve not paying the fee, so it criminalises vulnerable people and costs a fortune to enforce.

Moreover it is farcical that the most viciously enforced tax in the UK is used to pay for hundreds of episodes of bargain hunt and cash in the attic, while cuts made necessary elsewhere see cancer wards shut down and kids schooling comprimised. It is obscene that there is a compulsory tax for this.



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