Lets face it, if the government are serious of finding alternatives to services provided by the government, maybe both the government and ourselves should be looking to the Citizen's Advice Bureau for some ideas or organisations that can help local people.  There should be a Citizen's Bureau Adviser within the Jobcentreplus, Social Services, NHS hospitals, trading standards, , etc That can advise people of what they can do in their hour of need to make their problems more tolerable.

As times get harder, people will need the Citizen's Advice Bureau alot  more, and we should be preserving this institution for generations to come. It is a vital service and it can help find  the gaps that are within government legislation or they could actually find more ways to cut red tape.

The Citizen's Advise Bureau could actually train others to work voluntary in the centres, and they should have an office dedicated to the Citizen's Advisor that would certainly help the people of Britain.

This is the one charity that we all should be helping because without them, many people would be in a mess.

Why is this idea important?

The Citizen's Advice Bureau, is very much struggling and with this being such a vital service for everyone, on the numberous topics were all our problems lie.

So by rights we should be supporting them too, and get as many of these advisors as possible and they could also have time at local doctor's surgery.

We all need as much help as we can get when we are disabled so lets fund a service that will actually work.

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