To obtain the contraceptive Pill, one must currently have an appointment with the nurse every time it is prescribed (usually every three or six months). The main purpose of this appointment is to check blood pressure, but devices to read blood pressure are already located in many GPs' waiting rooms, and could be installed in all large pharmacies. If the 'morning-after' pill is available from pharmacies, why couldn't more preventative measures also be made available?

I stress that it would have to be decided by health experts whether this should or should not be available for people being prescribed the Pill for the first time, as these women may need to discuss its suitability for them with a nurse. It should certainly be an option for those for whom it was a repeat prescription, and who could provide evidence of this.

Why is this idea important?

It would save a good deal of time for nurses in GPs' surgeries, reducing waiting time for other necessary tasks such as vaccinations.

It would also be likely to reduce unwanted pregnancies that could occur in the interim period between making an appointment to obtain the Pill and actually receiving it, and give women more control over their bodies.

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