The best option wuold be to repeal the whole nasty law. If this is impossible, then make it like a driving licence -centrally issued, just one  each, to be retained like a driving licence unles revoked or endorsed.

This would remove expensive 'vetting and barring' personnel, reduce personal expense, eliminate multiple applications, make it unnecessary to repeat the whole process every two years and generally simplify and reduce the profile of the whole thing.

Why is this idea important?

This is important becasue this nasty, perverted law makes innocent citizens feel like criminals. It results in loving grannies being afraid to speak to children in parks, and  lost toddlers being ignored in supermarkets becasue nobody dares approach them. It has reduced the number of adult volunteers for children's organisations and engendered a Stalinesque feeling of fear and suspicion in the community. Of course nobody want paedophiles to get near children, but this law has got out of control and we are being intimidated by nasty minded people claiming to have the moral high ground. The law must be either totally repealed, or at least reined in and returned to the control of those with common sense.

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