Make the offence of Gross Indecency subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

An act of homosexuality in a public toilet was deemed an act of Gross Indecency in 1975.  Anyone convicted in the Mill Hill Police area by the homophobic Officer who used to stand on milk crates outside the toilet window and who went on to frighten men to plead guilty as I did have suffered for years.  Gross Indecency is seen as a sexual offense and there is no 'good behaviour' slate-cleaning as a sexual offence is not subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders provisions, even what today might be considered a minor one.

So 35 years later, I must declare all the time I have a criminal record, I am prevented from doing any form of volentary work as a CRB check is required and that which I was doing, one for 25 years, I have had to give up as CRB checks are gradually introduced into every sphere.

I have not re offended, I have had no form of complaint against me since 1975 yet I am unable to be 'forgiven' and start a new life.  As things are, I will carry it to the grave despite my actual inocense, but that is not a consideration as the offense is a matter of public record.

Why does this idea matter?

In 1975, homosexuality was still frowned upon.  In 2010, homsexual couples are getting married. 

I believe there may be many, many people in my position and none of them can talk about it as it reveals things about them they do not want others to know. Is it right that people like me have to live with this slur?  Is it right that if you are honest and declare your conviction, the Church of England makes you sign a declaration of future good behavioir and if you don't sign it, you are ex communicated from the Church? This happened to me with no warning, I was not allowed time to think about it or talk to anyone and I was not allowed to have anyone sit with me during this ordeal; this from a suposidly caring organisation based on forgiveness. That should not be allowed as they did it to protect themselves.

Is it right that someone is prevented from doing volentary work? Is that what the new Government would condone as ….fair?

Thank you for this forum.  I have been years trying to hope that someone would do something about this situation which literally affects my life every single day. All I ask is to earn another chance. Thank you so much for the possibility that maybe, something could be done for the hundreds of people affeceted. 

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  1. colin roberts says: is 35 years for my offence of gross indecency too.
    I asked a solicitor to see if I could have the offence removed and she couldn’t because it HAD DISAPPEARED !!
    Even the police couldn’t find it on there national computer or the local police who trapped me into the offence.
    So, go to a solicitor, ask your problem to be removed and see if yours has gone too¬

  2. David Kirk says:

    rehabilitation of gross indecency in a public place offenders – when is offender re-

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