If someone opts to go abroad for a medical treatment they can not get in the UK as cheaply (for example, cosmetic surgery, gastric bands or IVF for over 40s) and a complication occurs, make them pay for the follow up treatment themselves. 

Its all too common that women go abroad for treatment, it goes wrong, and the people come back and have the NHS pick up the pieces free.

Why is this idea important?


A member of my family in her late 40s recently travelled abroad for IVF treatment, and she was refused IVF by British doctors because she is too old.

Something went wrong after she returned home  (as often does in these situations)  and she got it fixed by NHS doctors free. After she got pregnant the NHS then funded her high risk pregnancy, and delivered her high risk baby.

I was absolutely appauled. If people choose to bypass our NHS for a foreign country, ignore British doctors rules and recommendations, then make them pay for ALL follow up treatment themselves. 

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