Law says its illegal to wear a tinted visor on motorcycle helmet but not illegal to wear sun glasses under the helmet. Hello nanny state wakey wakey you would prefer us to be blinded by strong sun and crash than have the common sense NOT to wear a tinted visor when the sun goes down. And before anyone says it you can't always get sun glasses on, when wearing a helmet. I know I just broke an expensive pair of Oakleys trying. We can legally wear our sun glases when the sun goes down but most bikers with a little wit would not ride with sun glasses on in the dark. Ok some dim wits will ride with tinted visors in the dark but why punish the many because of the few. What about cars with tinted windows driving in the dark? And yes I know there is a limit to their level of tint to front and front sides but what about seeing out the back at night? If caught out by poor visibillity while wearing a tinted visor you can always open your visor slightly to assist your view. Yes I know you stand a chance of being hit by a fly but many times in heavy rain even with a clear visor you have to open your visor because the water attached to the visor leaves you blinded. (thought—-maybe we should have a law that requires visor wipers)  

Why is this idea important?

Road safety and human rights issue concerning how motorcycleists are discrimated against as car drivers can have tinted windows which are fixed day or night where as helmet visors can be changed from tint to clear usually quite quickly.

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  1. my husband was recently killed on a bright sunny day. The idiot side swiped him admitting to not using his mirrors. He was charged with death by careless driving, the case is at crown court over 5 days on 2nd of July, his defence are diluting the case by saying steve was wearing a dark visor .I have been told by police to be prepared for the sentence as he could get community service, I know this to be true a person I befriended has just gone through this the lad was charged and found guilty of death by careless driving he got 12months driving ban and 12 months community service I’m totally disgusted I lost a wonderful husband,father,friend fight the good fight Jacquie Whitley widow

  2. Unfortunately, Im old enough to remember the days when you didn’t even need to wear a crash helmet!
    It was down to CHOICE, a word that so-called “experts” these days don’t know the meaning of. I happily rode a BSA Super Rocket, sometimes at very questionable speeds with nothing on my head but a pair of sunglasses! I now ride a Yamaha XV535 Virago, and use a Viper RS16 open-faced helmet with a clear visor. As someone has already stated, when you have strong sunlight straight into your field of vision, a clear visor is a complete waste of space, and I have found the best solution is to push the visor up, so that my Reactolite glasses can do what they’re supposed to do…. react!
    The only thing is, the visor HAS to be up, because the glasses won’t react behind glass. Maybe if they brought out a visor (at a reasonable price) which darkened in strong sunlight …… but then again, pigs might fly!!!!

  3. There are darkened visors on the market and they are and can be used in daylights conditions. many helmets now have a further darkened visor inside the front clear one and that can be brought down in light conditions. I cannot understand anyone who would want to ride a motorcycle with a darkened visor during the hours of darkness . Its contrary to common sense to make visibility worse than it already is.

    Slight tints on car windows is one thing and as said blackened windows behind the driver are commonplace and allowed by law. Blackened windows at the front and sides are not.

    Many dark visors and glasses don’t work if the sunlight is shining directly on them and they turn things grey and reduce some visibility. I place electricians black take top and bottom of the visor so if riding in light conditions It does mitigate the effect of sun and prevents it from hitting the eyes iris.

    Been doing that since the 1960.s

  4. Dark visor… or sunglasses.. to goggles… it’s a human right to wear what we wish… car drivers wearing sunglasses and driving a blacked out windowed vehicle of which the driver can only be viewed via the windscreen? Can be argued as wrong but never is… sunglasses in a helmet is a health hazard when you find yourself under a bridge or in a tunnel, as you can just remove them to see.. sunglasses in a helmet will hide the riders face just as well as a dark visor… helmets under go rigour testing… visors do not and not tested as a single unit and thus there is no standard safety stamp.. manufacturers do not make visors soley for the UK market and laws and thus there is no standard safety stamp ect…. bottom line your free to wear any visor or sunglasses and goggles as its your human right. And more importantly motorcycles are dangerous and anything that helps the rider survive the roads should be inforced with great heed and understanding. And it’s funny how the government support self parking/driving cars’ people putting faith in a machine and electronics, where the diver is not in control… yet a rider who can see though bright light is not allowed a bit of plastic that will aid the rider to see and have faith and control is deemed wrong……

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