The government in Finland have just passed laws making broadband internet access a legal right – ISPs must provide a phone line capable of 1mbps speeds to every house in finland.

I believe that we should have a similar law, not only requiring internet access to be offered to everyone by law (not just by promise), but also making it law that the internet should never be censored, as we see in china, australia, and with the digital economy act, here.

Repealing the digital economy act, and introducing laws enshrining internet connections as a right, would be the first steps in acheiving this.

Why is this idea important?

In today's modern society, the internet holds great importance. It is often people's only method of communication with many people. This website itself shows the great importance of internet access in communication.

What I believe is that it is impossible for any person to excercise their right to freedom of speech without access to the internet. If the government has control over who has access to, and who can access what content on the internet, then they can limit a person's freedom of speech, and this is unnaceptable.

This is also important from many other standpoints. People need internet access to be able to purchase some items – it helps the free market by providing more competition from shops people would be unable to visit. It provides a wealth of information vital to students. It provides so much, that in today's day and age, it should be a legal right.

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