Currently a separate CRB check is required for each individual for each different type of activity that they undertake that costs them or their employer around £50 each time.  This wastes valuable time and money for individuals who can not take up work, gaps for employees and unnecessary bureaucracy for police and agencies undertaking these checks. This problem not only covers people in employment, it adversely affects volunteering considerable as well.
Surely it would be more efficient for all concerned if people were given a CRB card once their application had been checked and completed (like a driving licence with photo ID) that had a 'license code' on it.  Then each time they start working/volunteering, the new establishment can simply check the ID of the card holder on a CRB site. Since the bureau already has an online tracking service it would not be difficult to have another part of that site to validate the license holders details.  This process would prevent multiple checks each year and, to ensure records are not as out of date as under the present system, there would be an expiry date so the card would have to be renewed (perhaps every two years). 

Why is this idea important?

These changes would prevent many cases, such as my wife's, where she has had valid CRB clearance for one employer, but has been prevented from starting work for another as the checks have taken a number of weeks to process.  She undertakes exactly the same work for both employers looking after a disabled child.

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