Many people would like to grow their own animals as well as vegetables but the laws and regulations are horrendous. Even to have one pig is a nightmare. I have spoken to several ex farmers who gave up business due to excessive farming regulations and heavy handed implementation. The only exception is chickens, you can have up to 25 without registration. But what about sheep, pigs, cows and other animals? Its time British people REGAINED the rights. During the war the government were only too happy to have us grow pigs and sheep.

Why is this idea important?

Because its time to dismantle over regulation and central government.  I think Britain could cut 30-40% from government without anyone suffering other than the people cut. Its not just animals its planning, families, medical support, its all over regulated. I have also met plumbers and electricians who cannot afford the annual cost of staying regulated. I was told an electrician costs several thousand pounds a year to be "certified". I was told by a shop "oh you cannot change your own electrical socket you have to get an authorised electrician", soon it will be lightbulbs. Its getting out of hand and we are drowning in regulations.

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