We are told that the cars are not free but paid for  from the higher rate of disability allownace, OK fine we accept this. However the number of "invalids" rising  every year makes us the most disabled country pro rata on earth, well this is now, we are told being adressed in the light of the present economic climate.

All users of the Motability scheme should not get their Road Tax and Insurance free of charge these should be only paid for the ones who cannot afford them. Most people who have the Motability cars could afford to run a car anyway  so therefor a means tested system should be in place.

By all means we must help those who need help with their mobility this is only just and fair, however, it is most UNjust and UNfair for people to be abusing this system. If you doubt what I am saying then next time you are out and about, take particular notice of  the users of some of  these vehicles. Quite a large percentage are without doubt agile and affluent.

Why is this idea important?

I think that if we are all to suffer as we most certainly will both in jobs and services lost, it is EXTREMELY important to remove all examples of  sytematic abuse.

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